As the seasons change and autumn paints the landscape with rich hues of red and gold, Rudds Guest House invites you to explore the fantastic activities in and around Lulworth. Our cosy retreat provides the perfect base for your autumn and winter adventure. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking for a relaxing break, Lulworth has something for everyone during these colder months.

Coastal Walks

The Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers breath-taking views all year round. Autumn and winter walks along the rugged cliffs provide a sense of tranquillity, as the crashing waves and dramatic landscapes create an enchanting atmosphere. Be sure to explore Lulworth Cove, which takes on a unique charm when visited during these seasons.

Durdle Door

Visit one of the UK’s most iconic natural landmarks, Durdle Door. The dramatic archway, carved by the sea, is awe-inspiring at any time of year. Autumn and winter present the opportunity to capture unique photographs of this wonder, with fewer crowds to obstruct your view.

Fossil Hunting

Uncover the ancient history of the Jurassic Coast by embarking on a fossil-hunting adventure. The colder months reveal hidden treasures as the tide washes away the sands. With the help of local experts, you can discover fossils dating back millions of years, making this experience truly extraordinary.

The Fossil Forest

The Fossil Forest is a unique geological site where you can see fossils of ancient trees that were submerged in the sea millions of years ago. The Fossil Forest is a great place to learn about the Jurassic Coast’s rich geological history.

Lulworth Castle and Park

Step back in time and explore the magnificent Lulworth Castle and Park. This stunning 17th-century castle is a marvel to behold, and during the autumn and winter months, the surrounding park takes on an ethereal beauty. Enjoy serene walks through the woodlands and gardens, which provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Wildlife Watching

Autumn and winter bring unique opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts. The area’s diverse ecosystems come alive during these seasons, with migratory birds, the occasional seal, and other fascinating wildlife making appearances along the coast.

Local Attractions

There are many local attractions to explore during your stay in Lulworth. From the historic Corfe Castle to the picturesque town of Wareham, there’s something for everyone in the surrounding areas. You can also visit the Tank Museum, a unique attraction dedicated to the history of armoured warfare.

Cosy Nights In

After a day of exploration, return to the warmth and comfort of Rudds Guest House. Our snug rooms, complete with all the amenities you need, provide the perfect setting to unwind, relax, and plan your next day’s adventure.

Exclusive Occasions

Rudds Guest House is not only a haven for leisure travellers but also offers a unique venue for weddings and parties. Make your special day truly memorable by hosting your celebration amidst the charming architecture and beautiful grounds of our guesthouse. Create lifelong memories in a setting that exudes elegance and character.

Bed and Breakfast in Lulworth

Lulworth in autumn and winter is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The peaceful, picturesque landscapes and the warm hospitality of Rudds Guest House make for an unforgettable stay. Our bed and breakfast in Lulworth offers the perfect base for both exploration and relaxation. Book a stay with us today, and you’ll be sure to enjoy all that this stunning area has to offer.