Rudds Lulworth Cove Bushwacker tours.

Many people come to Lulworth for its beauty, however, there is much much more.

Lulworth Cove and the surrounding hills are rich beyond belief in history, geology, plants, fish, animals, legends, myths, pirates and this day.

Rudds, along with Paul, offer our guests a wonderful opportunity to experience these on a fully guided walking tour of the area. You will see Lulworth in all its glory from the best vantage points.

Look down on hidden coves where the ghosts of smugglers and excise men dwell. Look up and geology formed at the time of the dinosaurs. See the harvest of the land and sea with Paul who will explain what can and cannot be foraged. Point out the secret beaches only the locals go to.

In short see Lulworth in all its glory.

There are three guided tours which leave at 11.00am every Saturday and Sunday and return at 3pm. They are 3.5miles in length and will include some hills.

Rudds of Lulworth can supply a packed picnic lunch in backpacks including locally sourced food and drink.